Sue Ellen's Art for Clean Water

A Fundraiser for Project Blue

Using one's God given talents to raise funds to provide clean water

Sue Ellen's gift of artisitic skill is the initiator to help raise funds desperately needed in providing clean water and sanitation for all people in all parts of the world.

The proceeds and donations from Sue Ellen's artwork as well as the support of all those that feel this cause is one they would like to support is the funding of this important project.

Visit her Facebook page to view her beautiful notecards at: Sue Ellen's Art for Clean Water.

Fundraiser Updates

  • The Women Ministries Commission of First Covenant Church - Rockford had the honor of showing Sue's new collection of notecards at our "Desserts and Divine Designs" event.  Sue has the rare talent of producing some of the most intricate, detailed artwork along with her scripture passages that inspire all those who read her journal pages.  Her love for our LORD Jesus is evident in that she is giving the proceeds from her fundraiser to the Clean Water project of the Evangelical Covenant Church.

    You can join Sue in support of this fine project by purchasing her beautiful cards today!      Your Sister in Christ ... Finding Joy in the Journey,   Jacque.

  • Sue Ellen is donating the proceeds of the sale and donations of her Note Cards for Clean Water through out the world. If you would like to be part of this process, please email her at or donate directly

    God bless,

    Sue Ellen

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