Jonas's 1st Birthday!

A Fundraiser for Project Blue

Share the blessing of LIFE as Jonas has brought such life to our family!

We are so grateful to have Jonas in our life: what a miracle! and we would love to help bring more miracles to children around the world through clean water. 

Fundraiser Updates

  • Melissa Wall donated $120 
  • The Tealdi Family donated 
  • Shemka Muaremi donated 
  • Tim-Lori-James-Linnea Schneiderwind donated 
  • The Poniecki Family donated 
  • Cheryl & Craig Scherer donated 
  • Daniel Palmquist donated 
  • Marti Burger donated 
  • Marti Burger joined the community 
  • Heidi Havens donated 
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$605 $400
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Where does the money go?

Project Blue

Clean Water Changes Everything
Project Blue was launched at CHIC2015 in partnership with Covenant World Relief. Through Project Blue, we will have the opportunity to do three things: 1) Become aware of the need for clean water and sanitation around the world. 2) Become engaged in the... Read more >